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Kurulus Osman Episode 105 in Urdu subtitles Review

Kurulus Osman Episode 105 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 105 in Urdu subtitles, A few days before the agreement was signed, the grand vizier wrote to the Dutch mediator: “We have no ambition left, but God is forgiving, and we put our hope in Him, trusting in our repentance and prayers.” 

Ottoman Empire from within and regain

In the light of a good peace, the new policy, which will renew the Ottoman Empire from within and regain its financial power as much as possible, is Sultan III, who ruled the Empire for 27 years. It was based on the positive influence that Ahmed had on his second son-in-law, Ibrahim Pasha, who was going to die during the uprising in 1730, which had been “introverted and changeable” until that day, and had softened a little from now on. İbrahim Pasha had such a position that Sultan III. 

In Kurulus Osman Episode 105 in Urdu subtitles, Ahmed stayed in Pasha’s palace by the Bosphorus for a long time in 1722 and spent time with music, entertainment shows and light plays in the garden organized by his son-in-law. In order to understand this new attitude, it is necessary to take into account the changes that have taken place in Ottoman society in the last 50 years, which inevitably have had a strong, even revolutionary effect on the political life, the top management of the state, and its relations with its European and Asian neighbors. 

Kurulus Osman Episode 105 In Urdu

These changes are not only related to history and theology in general, but also to logic, ethics, medicine, geometry, geography, astronomy, etc. It was not only Turks or Muslims who were educated on the subject, but also Christians from every nation, even Westerners who stayed in Turkey for a long time, up to the ambassadors. 

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In Köprülüzâde Fazıl Ahmed Pasha’s study of theology and law and later on allowing only scholars around him; where snipers and chieftains rule the state instead of victorious generals, cunning and scheming squires or the favorite women of the palace; This strong current of the era was successfully manifested in the fact that the simple writer Rami, as the representative of the rising new class of scholars, occupied a superior position to the warrior class, who eventually even wanted his dismissal. 

Kurulus Osman Episode 105 In English

In Kurulus Osman Episode 105 in Urdu subtitles, The fact that the Chief Translator Alexander Mavrokordato was able to hold the reins of the state for years thanks to his knowledge and good education, that his son Nikolas was appointed to the head of the Romanian principalities and that his rival Dimitri Kantemir was promoted and favored for his services stemmed from the spirit of the period. 

In Kurulus Osman Episode 105 in Urdu subtitles, Nointel, Chateuaneuf and many French and British diplomats in Istanbul, Rami, former Grand Vizier Treasurer İbrahim Pasha * who served as an embassy in Vienna, astrologer Nefioğlu, mathematician Sadi Efendi, musicians Kemani Ahmed, Mehmed Ağa, Sanık Mehmed, Bardakçı Mehmed Çelebi, An international world was formed with Darul İsmail, Latif Çelebi, Greek-born philosophers Yakomi and Yeremias Kakavelas, Artalı Meletios, Van Helmont’s students Asarias Cigala and Rallakis Eupragiotes, and scholar Çelebi, with whom they had friendly conversations over a glass of wine in the mansions on the Bosphorus. 

Former member of parliament Pere Besnier

Former member of parliament Pere Besnier got permission to work in the sultan’s library in 1704 and the French ambassador Feriol was making symphonies to his guests. Speaking and writing Turkish, Arabic, Persian, ancient Greek, new Greek, Romanian, Latin, Italian, French, and later Russian, he was also engaged in history, music, philosophy, geography, archeology and politics, and reflected the Orient’s way of thinking in the West. 

Characteristics of a Western-style civilization

In Kurulus Osman Episode 105 in Urdu subtitles, Kantemir, who combined it with the wisdom of the ancients, created a new era in which many different influences come together not to create something new, but to elevate a society that has been busy with wars and conquests or living in an atmosphere of numbing luxury and entertainment in terms of morality and to adorn it with the characteristics of a Western-style civilization. 

He was one of the most obvious representatives of a cultural ideal. In a painting made by an unknown artist in Istanbul, the young Kantemir wears a Muslim turban on his wig and wears a sword, as was the fashion among the ambassadors, but in his stance according to Eastern traditions, without giving up his dagger at his waist and finely embroidered yellow boots, he shows that the traditions, customs and traditions and education interesting mixture emerges in the most characteristic way.

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