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Kurulus Osman Episode 114 Release Date

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 114, Osman valiantly leads his soldiers into a city that has been ravaged by the orders of Ismihan. Seljuk soldiers have set fire to a large part of the city, leaving destruction and despair in their wake. Esma secretly meets with Bala and reveals a mysterious message that states Ismihan has kidnapped Sheikh. Bala attempts to uncover more details about this message, however, she is unsuccessful. 

Despite the ongoing attacks from Seljuk arrows, Osman continues to march forward and eventually reaches the dervish lodge. Mesut hides in the spot Sheikh instructed him to, patiently waiting for the right time to act. Ismihan brings Sheikh to Marmaracik and Oktem is stunned by his presence. Ismihan informs Oktem that Sheikh was arrested and sends him to the dungeon. After her conversation with her daughter, Bala slips away from the mansion in secrecy.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 114, Malhun is deeply worried to learn that Bala has gone to Marmaracik. Osman arrives to the lodge and finds Mesut. Ismihan orders the Seljuk flags to be hung on the castle and orders the gates to be closed. Alçiçek questions Sheikh’s condition, but Bengi stops her. Determined to find Bala, Malhun sets off for Sogut and begins searching for Osman. 

Boran and Kumral set off toward the dungeon and the soldiers soon discover Konur. Realizing the severity of Konur’s illness, Kumral warns everyone to stay away and calls for other physicians. Malhun reveals that Ismihan has taken Sheikh to Marmaracik, shocking Osman. Malhun continues, saying Bala also went to the castle. This news enrages Osman, who swears to take revenge on Ismihan no matter what.

Osman has asked Mesut to go to a secret place for an important mission. Meanwhile, Kumral returns to the dervish lodge and informs everyone that there is a contagious disease spreading in Sogut. 

In Kurulus Osman Episode 109, Osman orders Kumral to find the medicine immediately and Malhun to stay in the city. Oktem protests, saying it is very wrong for Sheikh to be in the dungeon and that the Turkmen will object to this situation. However, Bengi attempts to calm her husband and insists that they should not go against Ismihan. 

In Kurulus Osman Episode 114, Unconvinced, Oktem worries that Osman will attack the castle soon. Ismihan, however, firmly states that Osman will never attack. Ismihan then sits on the throne and declares that she will punish Bala severely soon. Bala arrives at the castle shortly after and surrenders. Aladdin is desperate to help his mother, but Aktemur stops him and insists that they must wait for Osman’s order.

Ismihan orders the arrest of Bala and sends her to prison. Osman boldly steps in front of the castle and demands that Ismihan come out. Ismihan orders Osman to bring Mesut back immediately. Osman declares that he will do whatever it takes to get back his wife and father. 

In Kurulus Osman Episode 114, Meanwhile, Frigg ventures out to the forest and encounters a Christian named Olof. Frigg, taken aback by the discovery, is filled with rage. Aladdin prays for his mother, whilst Sheikh sees his daughter in the dungeon and breaks down. 

In order to rescue Bala, Osman formulates a plan with his soldiers to tunnel into the castle that very night. Olof and his soldiers disguise themselves and enter the castle. He then meets with Turgut and informs him that the Sultan is heading to Konya. Turgut is ready to mobilize and launch an attack. Osman orders Turgut to take the Sultan to Sogut and instructs him on his plan.

Ismihan ventured into the dungeon that night, her voice resonating with anger as she declared that Sheikh’s decisions were wrong. Bala attempted to soothe her, assuring her that Osman would soon create a new state, but Ismihan was adamant in her resolve to kill all rebels. 

Sheikh warned her that her actions would have consequences, and soon enough she would have to pay a big price for them. Osman and his soldiers had already begun digging a tunnel towards the castle, and upon learning of Osman’s plan, Ismihan asked Olof to launch an attack on him. 

Sheikh then told his daughter a story in an attempt to calm her down, but Oktem was irate, determined that something had to be done. Osman managed to make it to the dungeon, yet was unable to do anything. Ismihan then asked Osman to spare Mesut, and so Osman left the castle to ensure the safety of Sheikh and his wife.

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 release date

Kurulus Osman Episode 114 is expected to release on 28, January 2023. 

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