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Ufone Free Internet Code – Ufone Free Internet Code Latest 2023

Ufone Free Internet Code

Activate the Ufone Free Internet Code by completing these easy steps to gain access to free internet for up to 5000 MB of data usage per day.

As we are all aware, Ufone is known for its cheap packages and the free Mbps, SMS, and phone call minutes they offer to its customers consistently; but what many people don’t know is that there are special codes that allow you to access them for free.

You can get so much more for free – just look at all the stuff that doesn’t cost anything, such as text messages, minutes, and megabytes. Shouldn’t you cash in on this last chance to really save a lot of money? See these codes and techniques – I’ll show you why it would be worth your while.

Ufone Internet Code for Free

Here are some excellent ways to get free internet that will deliver speeds of up to 1Mbps with any recharge. Type in this code to take advantage of the free data. All you need are these easy-to-follow methods and techniques which work 100% guaranteed, so don’t worry about it!

Get a Free WhatsApp Code

Now you can also chat freely with friends and family while at home or traveling abroad without worrying about how much mobile data you have left. For just Rs10/MB, talk all you want with your loved ones through unlimited messages on WhatsApp without any interruption for 30 days by dialing *987

SIM Lagao Promotional Offer

One way to acquire accessible data is by renewing your SIM card after it has not been used for thirty days. The process goes as such: if you do not use your SIM card for thirty days, you must insert it again and dial *5000

The second way to access information about services offered is the well-known SIM Lagao deal. To start it up, all you need to do is insert your SIM card after not having used it for 30 days, then dial *5000

The second option for getting accessible data is the known SIM Lagao Deal. It goes as follows: if you haven’t used your SIM card in 30 days, then all you need to do is insert it back into your phone and dial *5000

5 GB of Ufone Internet Data

Do you want to take advantage of Ufone’s (free) 5GB offer? Here’s how to activate it:

To access this feature, dial *987*2*1.

Free Facebook Offer from Ufone

If you use the Ufone SIM card, Facebook Basic is free with unlimited data. With this service, any Ufone customer can access unlimited internet usage on Facebook. It doesn’t matter whether they are pre-paid or post-paid; all of them are eligible for this offer which lasts up to 24 hours. You don’t need a subscription package to make use of it – just go to ‘Facebook’ and select free. When your account reaches zero balance, you will receive 5GB worth of data from Ufone Zero.

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